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Gyula Dallos have visited the "Brave Camp"

Gyula Dallos  and his wife Bea, have visted the Brave Camp where seventy children took their holiday whose  suffer from cancer or other oncologic illness. The riding days are the important parts of the Brave Camp and Gyula Dallos was honored to participate it.(Full article is here in Hungarian)  


Furioso Regional Parad and Dressage Championship,
Körmend-Szarvas Csárda (11,.07.2010.)

Gyula Dallos and his wife could receive certificate of merit because of their good results and relicionship with Furioso breed.

 (More information is here in Hungarian)



Golden Youth Team

Our youth team became the first in the National Championships in Kaposvar. Individual in the Youth League  Enikő Decsi with Laron won the third place as well in the Junior chategory Lili Schuch with Carnevál did. Congratulation for them!

Lili Schuch,  Nándor Kafka , Enikő Decsi , Alexandra Budai


Horsmanship knowledge from the best

The Department of Veterinary Science of Szent István Univerity   and the Hungarian Equestian Assosiation is going to initiate  a second diploma course for Riding Teacher and Organizer. More information will be on http://tkk.univet.hu/  link.



Gyula Dallos' Riding School II.

The new issue of Gyula Dallos' Riding School book is already came out on 19 of March 2008. In the National Riding School Salon on the book ceremony around 200 people was interested to the new issue. The book is came out in Hungarian but there was a quite good turn out for the English and the German translation, and hopefully these will show up soon. Untill that, the new issue is purchasable.(see deatails below).



The new issue of  Gyula Dallos' Riding School II. can be ordered for 3400 Ft + shipping fee from the publisher: xenophon@vnet.hu or on +36-27343503 fax. (the book is wroten in Hungarian)

The "Dallos-Sótonyi Mélyrelovaglás és az anatómia" titeled 2 hours DVD can be ordered for 6.000 HUF + shipping fee from the publisher xenophon@vnet.hu or on +36-27343503 fax .



"Miko szalma"  straw with commendation of the Xenophon Dreassage Club

"We have tried this litter and couldn't have any negative experience to use this product. We can offer this straw for every sport rider and horse owner."



A Hungarian rider lead the Central European League

Dallos Zsófia Druppyval, Lipica 2008
Fotó: www.sibilslejko.net

Zsófia Dallos  with Druppy leads the  FEI World Cup League Season 2008-2009 after 5 competitions. The Ukrainen Yuriy Kovshov and the Olimpic participate Polish Michal Rapcewicz follow her.  Dallos took the lead after her World Cup racing of Slovenian, Czech and Polish. The Ukrainen Paulina Révész with Topo, who lives in Hungary, is on the 4th place.
The following World Cup round: Moskow, Marianske Lazne, Wroclaw and  Kaposvár. The first 10 of the rank list will try the fall with each other for the final rank in Warsow at the midle of March in 2009.



Releted article to the Riding Club

(Sorry, most of these articles are written in Hungarian.)

EquiMe Design: Aktion progeny is in the British military

Dunakeszi Polgár: A megszállottak szent dühével

Kristina Sprehe und Royal Flash sehr erfolgreich
(in German)

Eurodressage:  CDI Topolcianky: Dallos wins the Small Tour (in English)

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A második Dallos generáció: Cavallo lovasmagazin cikke

Nemzeti Sport: Díjlovagló Vk. Dallos Zsófia bravúros tizedik helyezése

Somogyi Hirlap: Díjlovagló Világ Kupa: Ramseier sikere

Origo sport: Svájci lovas győzelem a kaposvári Világkupán

Mozdulj velünk.hu: Díjlovasok nemzetközi viadala

Pointernet, Nemzetközi Lovas Magazin: Magyarok a világranglistákon

Pointernet, Nemzetközi Lovas Magazin: Junior és Fiatal Lovas Országos Díjlovagló Bajnokság, Díjlovagló TOP 9



Horses for sale


Grand Prix Schoolmaster searching for a new ambitious partner  for the show ring. Ready to help raise young talent and go above and beyond with the more experienced rider. A true joy to own, ride and show. For more information please contact Hannah hannah.chapman@gmail.com  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DotDX9TTvk

7 years old, bay gelding, German breed (Aktion/Campari/Cor del Angelo/Cor de la Bryere), not too big but strong bulid dressage horse with good result in training level and breeding shows in Hungary and Austria (67-72 % in 1997)  
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